github garden-io/garden v0.9.3

This release fixes a handful of issues (see below), and adds a few small but useful features:

  • Support for annotations on the container module type. Check out our Ambassador example project to see how you can use annotations to configure a custom ingress controller for your Garden project. The same feature can also be used to configure other ingress controllers, such as Traefik.
  • The CLI prints the URL for all services with defined ingresses. Nice usability feature, thanks @adnaan for suggesting this! Keep the suggestions coming :)
  • Added a build.targetImage parameter for container modules, which allows building specific parts of multi-stage Dockerfiles. See the docker build docs for details. Thanks @bfosberry for the suggestion!


Bug Fixes

  • allow ingress annotations in service status (fac3193)
  • openfaas plugin bug (d7cf528)
  • k8s: don't abort deployment on FailedMount warning (90ac36c)
  • vcs: untracked files didn't update version timestamp correctly (3b85c35)


  • cli: print ingress endpoints after deploying (b7961ec)
  • container: add build.targetImage parameter (9bf6aa1)
  • k8s: support service and ingress annotations on container module (894bd1f)
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18 months ago