github garden-io/garden v0.9.2

This release fixes a handful of issues, mostly relating to Helm support and minikube, and adds support for defining multiple modules in a single directory. Please refer to the v0.9.0 release notes for details on new features and changes in the 0.9 release.


  • add support for flat config style (fecde8bf)
  • allow multiple modules in a single file (ff4d3702)
  • don't restart command when config is invalid (2a534b12)

Bug Fixes

  • don't emit taskPending if task is skipped (74e2c5d8)
  • helm: filter out test pods when deploying charts (b6462360)
  • k8s: don't error on pod scheduling warning (49f81157)
  • helm: allow duplicate keys in template (51538570)
  • k8s: fix RBAC issues with kubernetes-dashboard on minikube (291f3687)
  • k8s: don't use --wait when installing using Helm (02cd157a)
  • local-k8s: remove hardcoded ingress class (9eb60520)
  • local-k8s: don't install nginx when running with Minikube (056924b9)
  • templates: add prefix to versionString (fe9cd49c)
  • k8s: kubernetes dashboard wasn't showing up in dashboard (2b76841d)
  • local-k8s: always use force flag when deploying to garden-system ns (6cbe0643)
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19 months ago