github garden-io/garden v0.9.12

Along with several bugfixes, this release includes a new and improved Overview page on the dashboard (and other dashboard UI improvements).

Thanks to Robin Winkelewski (@w9n) and John Reese (@jpreese) for their contributions to this release!


This release removes the previously deprecated ability to use nested formatting strings.



  • add test/task statuses to get status command (a1e2122b)
  • render results as JSON for json logger (4ca179e6)
  • dashboard: overall dashboard improvements (253316f2)
  • dashboard: implement new overview page (d3ae347f)


  • font sizes and header (55f7d961)
  • commands: added task/test fields to get-status response (1f34f294)
  • dashboard: fix ui issues (488369ec)
  • dashboard: start dashboard before init and keep same port (e3bc9ee1)
  • task-graph: raise concurrency limit (a6343d51)

Bug Fixes

  • make global CLI opts available to commands (70bce731)
  • build deps not watched when using -w flag (36e8c67b)
  • config: recursion error with invalid template strings (0cbcb988)
  • config: validation fix for template strings (961dd707)
  • dashboard: add taskError event + small ui tweaks (d308b89c)
  • docs: update the path to run garden-debug (0df0e849)
  • k8s: use correct container handlers when building modules (e150a990)
  • k8s: ensure env is prepared (c2cd689d)
  • k8s: helm modules weren't identified as hot reloadable (0b7ce98e)
  • k8s: fix type error when Kubernetes is not running (412fe573)
  • k8s: ensure test results get stored if test fails (7ec1bae8)
  • logger: fix spinner pos (12d0dd4b)
  • logger: add info symbol to active basic entries (08bb5945)

Code Refactoring

  • core: tighten config validation and clean up some cruft (39fb3125)
  • core: fold push task into build task (733e2dbc)
  • dashboard: use useReducer in useApi hook (8bc67d0b)
  • dashboard: remove LoadWrapper (29ddc83b)
  • dashboard: use a single generic node info container (09d3d58c)
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