github garden-io/garden v0.9.10

This release adds support for microk8s, which can now be used with Garden on supported Linux platforms.

It also includes some minor improvements to error handling around the --hot/--hot-reload option in the CLI, as well as some minor bug fixes.


  • cli: allow --hot=* in dev/deploy commands (15db6ed)
  • dashboard: added taskProcessing state (10bc275)
  • k8s: add microk8s support (e113c69)
  • k8s: automatically fetch kubectl when needed (d79f7a4)

Bug Fixes

  • k8s: deduplicate ns creation during init (316f9a6)
  • cli: detect missing services in --hot option (9209ac4)
  • k8s: allow multiple paths in KUBECONFIG env var (9cc6130)
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17 months ago