github garden-io/garden v0.8.1

This includes several bugfixes and minor improvements to the 0.8 release:

Bug Fixes

  • dashboard: fix contants import in setupProxy.js (e2c5bbd)
  • k8s: revert removal of -i flag on kubectl run commands (663deea)
  • k8s: incorrect flags sent to kubectl run when not interactive (260b976)
  • log: log footer line was duplicated after config reload (a8b50b1)
  • tasks: task errors had lost their color (66390e1)
  • do not run dependant tasks unless updated services depend on them (1ae0284)
  • minor logging issue (61e4428)
  • stale version in some tasks triggered by watch handler (da134b4)
  • performance regression on startup (b856e36)
  • fixed another dependency calculation bug (99df5d9)
  • fixed dependency bug & simplified TaskGraph (4a8428c)
  • make dev cmd consistent with deploy cmd (85f31f9)
  • fix dev command terminating on config change (261e974)
  • k8s: exec and run commands didn't work properly in interactive mode (420953d)
  • k8s: log tailing now returns logs for new pods at runtime (432e6dc)
  • k8s: remove replicasets and daemonsets when deleting services (6c63314)

Code Refactoring

  • task-graph: add task key to TaskResult interface (3ce6633)
  • nicer logging when watching for changes / hot reloading (069a9d0)
  • rename plural command parameters (f010e37)
  • add placeholder method to logger + fix rendering issues (fa8d81e)
  • rename logEntry to log and require for tests, cmds and actions (13cf263)
  • formatting: improve quoting style of objects to consistent-as-needed (687c6f3)


  • add get config command (39ab7b1)
  • added get graph command (010353e)
  • experimental HTTP API (5302802)
  • add websocket endpoint to API server (e6fcc8b)
  • add event bus + a few events emitted from TaskGraph (3c19e36)
  • allow plugins to specify dashboard pages (c67b7be)
  • api: allow explicitly port for api server in dev cmd (919e6b8)
  • dashboard: add basic scaffolding with overview and logs section (3781fb3)
  • openfaas: add log streaming to openfaas plugin (53131b5)
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21 months ago