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Garden v0.12.2 is out!

For this release we've made a few handy improvements to help with your project and module configuration, alongside a few bug fixes. Here's a quick rundown:

Custom config file names

You can now name your config files with any prefix, for example, or This can make your project organization more flexible, and your configs easier to find. You can also put multiple config files side-by-side in the same directory, which should be handy in many scenarios.

--var flag

In certain scenarios it can be handy to supply ad-hoc overrides for your project variables. For example, it can be useful to supply arguments to tasks that you run ad hoc. See our docs for more.

contains template operator

You can now use the contains template operator to check if an array contains a value, an object contains a key, or a string includes another string. See the docs for more info.

Fixes for hot reload issues

Changes in v0.12.0 introduced some issues with hot reloading, in particular on Windows and with helm modules. We believe those are resolved now, but please do let us know if you have any issues!

Referencing module version in builds

We now set GARDEN_MODULE_VERSION as a build arg for all container builds, and as an environment variable during all exec module builds, tests and tasks. This makes it easy to reference the version of the module being built, which was previously difficult or even impossible to do.


Big thanks to @ThisGuyCodes for his contribution to this release, and as always, many thanks to everyone who has filed issues and given us feedback!



  • cli: add --var flag for setting individual variable values (5ec3fd51)
  • config: add contains operator for template strings (33d8275a)
  • config: allow multiple config files in same directory (75af1752)
  • container: set GARDEN_MODULE_VERSION build arg for all builds (00365bcc)
  • exec: set GARDEN_MODULE_VERSION when running all commands (245d70c1)


  • core: set smarter limits on concurrent graph actions (029ab9cf)

Bug Fixes

  • enterprise: add project id to config dump (c587de9e)
  • k8s: deploy util service if using kaniko (#1963) (42203bb0)
  • k8s: fix hot reload path handling on Windows (f0c3001d)
  • k8s: incorrect paths when hot reloading helm modules (cfe399c0)
  • k8s: race condition caused error when connecting to rsync container (e8fd9bc1)
  • k8s: incorrect Service name used for port forwards (4c7cf8cb)
  • kubernetes-module: fix namespace handling (f4cd7e6b)
  • terraform: allow map outputs from modules (ae06754f)
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