github garden-io/garden v0.11.7

This release adds some more functionality to the Terraform plugin. There are now commands to manually apply and plan stacks and the initial plan that runs when preparing the environment is also faster. We also explicitly discourage use of autoApply now, except for private environments.

A big thank you to @swist, @Timtech4u, @mitchfriedman, and @elliott-davis for their contributions to this release! ❤️



  • k8s: add ECR credential helper to in-cluster docker builder (6c0d3d39)
  • terraform: add plugin commands for terraform apply and plan (b4283dd3)


  • allow setting cred helpers in ImagePullSecrets (b293fe2c)

Bug Fixes

  • cli: return error in garden run task if task fails (#1669) (f5cf81ca)
  • k8s: issues with private registry auth and kaniko build status (011629ca)
  • k8s: better error when manifest has no apiVersion (ef18a6c6)
  • task-graph: don't include results from other batches in output (3aed9908)
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