github garden-io/garden v0.11.6

This release contains several bug fixes and improvements. Among them, the ability to use nested template strings. Here's an example:

${ == "local" ? "something-${var.local-var}" : "other-${remote-var}"}

A big thank you to @swist and @mitchfriedman for their contribution to this release!



  • k8s: update kaniko to v0.17.1 (70340e80)
  • k8s: default in-cluster registry namespace to project name (7ed4648e)
  • template: allow template expression in nested strings (a383459d)

Bug Fixes

  • issues with running HTTPS requests through HTTP proxy (5cd1864a)
  • commands: don't use default port in serve cmd (4babaefb)
  • container: strip quotes from Dockerfile paths when setting includes (49bb9b86)
  • k8s: error when task logs were longer than 500kB (10327a12)
  • k8s: error when helm returned empty YAML documents (669d70a2)
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