github garden-io/garden v0.11.2

This release adds test and task support for the kubernetes module type. It also adds the ability to deploy kubernetes and helm modules into any namespace. This means you can e.g. deploy supporting services into their own namespace, outside of the "main" project namespace. A common example are tools that do security scanning in your cluster but need to reside in their own namespace. Did I mention we're working on more security plugins?

Finally, we added the ability for projects to define outputs that they export. The outputs are exported by the garden get outputs command, and when referencing a project as a sub-project within another project (coming soon!).



  • core: add project outputs and garden get outputs command (475e8188)
  • k8s: add namespace parameter to helm and kubernetes modules (b23eeaaf)
  • k8s: add test and task support for kubernetes module type (#1530) (469453e7)

Bug Fixes

  • core: make test task deps hot-reload aware (4af27b10)
  • k8s: hash configuration annotation (9b6e2ad7)
  • k8s: ensure system namespace exists before using it (e1d1c8de)
  • k8s: ensure generated pod names are always unique (493a7874)
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8 months ago