github garden-io/garden v0.11.12

This release contains several bug fixes.

Shout out to @jlewis91, @pbaezab, @mitchfriedman, and @lucas-sonnabend for their contribution to this release! ❤️


Bug Fixes

  • chore: fix spurious logline from busybox (db7dd294)
  • cli: properly handle -- arg for provider commands (d96ab9d2)
  • core: skip invalid yaml by default (5a44da51)
  • core: missing dep detection in ConfigGraph (006ad98c)
  • core: better error messages for invalid YAML (6720b95f)
  • k8s: don't truncate logs in task/test runs (68047339)
  • k8s: automatic include for helm modules should include chartPath (88c9d26a)
  • platform: use noProject for login & logout (13826ac6)
  • platform: fixes to token validation logic (a1651695)
  • terraform: fix stdin handling in commands (4eb30b31)
  • terraform: more sensible timeouts + remove timeout on plugin cmds (ed642090)


  • core: add event and log streaming (ffc10943)
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5 months ago