github garden-io/garden v0.11.11

This release includes a performance improvement that dramatically speeds up module resolution in projects with a lot of modules and/or a complex dependency graph.

It also adds default tolerations to system services add exposes the nodeSelector field on them.

The default tolerations are:

  - key: "garden-system"
    operator: "Equal"
    value: "true"
    effect: "NoSchedule"



  • cli: print basic profiling data when GARDEN_ENABLE_PROFILING=1 (99b2f045)
  • k8s: expose nodeSelector field on system PodSpecs (99390140)
  • platform: add client login to CLI (fabc4720)


  • core: make module resolution faster to reduce startup time (fbebc7dc)
  • k8s: add default tolerations to system services (63f0a04c)
  • k8s: add more metadata env vars to container Pod specs (e1d4bf43)
  • k8s: update socat image used for registry proxies (ec0c99d7)

Bug Fixes

  • cmd: better error messages in get task-result (e44c4608)
  • conftest: ensure policy path is valid POSIX on Windows (ee12c80d)
  • core: fix watch task logic for sourceModules (#1756) (1f189bb9)
  • dashboard: fix normalize-url to version 4 (7f34a57b)
  • k8s: intermittent errors with volume mounts in build-sync pods (e6efba8c)
  • k8s: cleanup kaniko pod (#1757) (bb923adc)
  • k8s: duplicate text in some error logs (df7fdf05)
  • k8s: warn instead of erroring when remote image status check fails (534698dc)
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