github garden-io/garden v0.11.10

This release adds a pull-image command to the kubernetes provider. This allows your to pull images that are built remotely to your local machine with:

garden plugins kubernetes pull-image <module-name>

A big shout out to @mitchfriedman for his work on this!

It also adds an experimental fullscreen logger. In this first iteration, it allows you to toggle between log verbosity while the garden dev command is running. Going forward, we want to use this as a basis for a UI that allows you to toggle watch mode and to opportunistically build/deploy/test modules while the dev command is running.

You can try it out with:

garden dev --logger-type fullscreen

Beyond that, there are several bug fixes and improvements.

Thanks to @mitchfriedman, @ThePixelDeveloper, and @noizwaves for their contributions to this release.



  • only use socat with incluster registry (4baf879b)
  • cli: add experimental fullscreen logger type (038328ae)
  • config: allow any objects and arrays in project variables (6c2df1b1)
  • k8s: add pull-image command (#1681) (8f6d3c25)


  • commands: more consistent outputs for run commands (a24b343f)

Bug Fixes

  • k8s: error when getting build status from microk8s cluster (3da79ada)
  • k8s: ensure non-zero exit code if test/task with artifacts fails (e4f78c88)
  • k8s: incorrect schema for persistentvolumeclaim dependencies field (3aee56b8)
  • k8s: if the output is json, stringify it (#1728) (d62890d8)
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