github garden-io/garden v0.11.1

This release adds the ability to toggle modules, services, tests, and tasks, on and off via the disabled field. This allows you to e.g. disable a given task in a production environment.

Another common use case is to use container images or Helm charts for things like databases and message queues during development, but to switch to cloud services for production. A simplified example might look something like this:

# In db/garden.yml
kind: Module
description: Helm chart for a Postgres database to use in development
type: helm
name: db-local
chart: stable/postgresql
disabled: ${ == production}


kind: Module
description: Terraform module for provisioning a cloud database in production
type: terraform
name: db
disabled: ${ == development}


kind: Module
description: My API service
type: container
name: api
  - name: api
    dependencies: [db, db-local]

Take a look at the PR (#1515) description for more details on how this works, as well as the Advanced sections in the Using Garden docs.

There's of course a bunch of improvements and bug fixes as well. Read all about it below.

As always, a big thank you to our community for your support and feedback. And a special shout out to @parkerself22, @dcharbonnier, and @khaled for their contributions to this release.



  • core: allow disabling modules, services, tests + tasks in configs (#1515) (54d74ccb)
  • core: remember IP per service for forwards on supported platforms (1bbcf490)


  • install: allow to specify release to install (699fd379)
  • switch to Node.js 12 (4c51aaef)
  • core: detect rsync and ensure the version is recent enough (f3df17dd)
  • dashboard: default to port 9777 when available (add9bc63)

Bug Fixes

  • container: more verbose logging during builds (131b10f4)
  • core: allow git URLs not ending in .git (542e205f)
  • core: include hidden files when using include filters (320eb63f)
  • core: allow unknown in task & test results (c6a0fed9)
  • docs: fix incorrect link in guide (79f35290)
  • helm: only hot reload serviceResource (1235fc71)
  • k8s: reconnect port-forwards automatically (553a34a4)
  • k8s: handle 404 exception when tagging image for deletion (#1485) (f7c5ed47)
  • k8s: fix failing tasks not throwing errors (0d204c23)
  • log: updated to stern from kubectl (#1437) (138e3dfc)
  • logger: wrap words when splitting fancy log lines (3c3c7d2b)

Code Refactoring

latest releases: edge, 0.12.6, 0.12.6-1...
8 months ago