github garden-io/garden v0.10.9

This release substantially expands the capabilities of template expressions, which should be particularly useful when more elaborate or dynamic configuration is needed.

varfiles are the other new feature introduced in this release—these allow users to include a garden.env file for project-global variables, and garden.<env-name>.env files for environment-specific variables.

See the template strings and variable files sections of our Variables and Templating guide for more details.



  • config: add a number of new operators for template expressions (0a764695)
  • config: add support for varFiles (e2ade318)


  • added more headers to checkForUpdates (8f1c4437)
  • tweak debugging log levels (7ecbacc0)

Bug Fixes

  • k8s: ensure sys metadata ns exists for tests (c88af24f)
  • task-graph: fix error log output (6329cd66)
  • tasks: respect force flag in task task (3b9ba8ee)
  • vcs: overflow error when repo contains large number of files (#1165) (4f5fabcc)
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