github garden-io/garden v0.10.7

This release introduces a major new feature: A Terraform provider.

Terraform is a powerful tool for defining, creating and updating infrastructure.

Our new Terraform provider enables you to weave Terraform stacks into your Garden project, and to use Terraform stack outputs in template variables for provider initialization (at project initialization time) or in task or service definitions (at runtime).

This enables Terraform users to include infrastructure provisioning in their Garden stack graph. In some cases, this enables Garden to spin up infrastructure and deploy a running stack with a single command.

We're particularly pleased about this new feature because it demonstrates the broad reach of the framework's core abstractions.

For a working example of the Terraform provider, check out the terraform-gke example project.

In addition to the Terraform provider, this release includes enhancements to the runtime values available for template strings. This was a requirement for the Terraform provider, but has broader applicability too.

See the runtime outputs section of our configuration files guide for more details.

Finally, please refer to the changelog below for the full list of changes.

Thanks to @dcharbonnier for their contribution to this release!



  • add terraform provider and example with basic GKE setup (32651d84)
  • container: output build log while building with debug log level (4487380b)
  • core: expose service and task dependency outputs at runtime (#1123) (fca6a72a)
  • k8s: allow setting custom kubeconfig path (8b4a6d5e)


  • logger: store all message states (b68f3435)

Bug Fixes

  • task/test results outputs are not shown (4a8516e6)
  • allow dots in env variable names (a8f7dd12)
  • running task would print undefined (729e8cdf)
  • config: relax constraints on variable and output names (442f8f80)
  • container: allow any string as ingress path (79202280)
  • exec: wrong cwd when running exec module tests (12987aeb)
  • k8s: allow user to configure own storageClass for build-sync volume (fc0037f9)
  • k8s: error when retrieving older test results from cache (e3db60af)
  • logger: display duration in seconds (53ea69af)
  • logger: concat messages when formatting for json (92dcb93f)
  • openfaas: user env variables weren't passed to the function (dd1ed8a8)
  • openfaas: build function before getting container build status (4693f13b)
  • vcs: .gitignore files were not respected (5c08d614)
  • watcher: raise log level for watch events (14eb4ea5)
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