github garden-io/garden v0.10.4

This release introduces automatic port forwarding for deployed services. No need to run kubectl port-forward for any of the services/ports you've defined in your Garden configuration files—Garden now does this automatically by default. When you deploy you'll see a line under each deployed service with a link. Please give it a spin and let us know if you find any issues!

Another improvement in this release is the ability to specify extra Docker build flags via the new extraFlags option. Thanks @wjacquette for the contribution!



  • automatic port forwarding for deployed services (43b414f5)
  • container: add extraFlags option for docker builder (2a740686)


  • update the get debug-info command (117efe30)

Bug Fixes

  • handle case when the docker repo doesn't contain tags (b0e80951)
  • container: allow setting nodePort=true on container modules (8d75188c)
  • core: error in some cases when referencing modules within file (377fd2e4)
  • k8s: create a single NodePort Service when a node port is set (f8d1b4b3)
  • run: interactive run module/service commands not working (8ccc06d1)
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