github garden-io/garden v0.10.3

This release adds the exclude key to our list of nifty YAML directives, allowing users to define which files and directories do not belong to a module. This can also be used in conjunction with the include field for more complex patterns such as including a directory but excluding certain files from within that directory. Read all about it here.


### Features

  • core: make module scans more configurable and ignores more robust (#1019) (4afeebf4)
  • core: add exclude field for modules (92210c50)
  • openfaas: enable remote building for openfaas modules (a0d913d8)

Bug Fixes

  • update ansi-escapes to fix spinner issue on macOS (be9f6883)
  • handle blank build args appropriately (33c12ebb)
  • fix 'cannot read property error of null' error (c7bc3d90)
  • exclude symlinks to directories from hashing (#1044) (514f9f57)
  • review update (TBS) (df608246)
  • config: whitespace was incorrrectly stripped around format strings (ee325573)
  • core: log level was 'info' when it should have been 'silly' (fa9aff97)
  • hot-reload: fix path handling for Windows and add tests (50c57208)
  • k8s: ignore older ReplicaSet Pods when checking Deployment status (a8cfe635)
  • k8s: hot reloading stopped working after config reload (a914d4b5)
  • k8s: avoid "no deployed releases" errors after Helm install failure (#1046) (87dc9225)

### Improvement

  • install kubectl in garden-gcloud image (#1035) (2a49adc3)
  • removed get debug-info request due (6bd8af1c)
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