github garden-io/garden v0.10.2

It's Tuesday and that means release time! With this release we add the ability to uninstall system services and other cluster-wide resources created by the Kubernetes provider via the uninstall command:

garden --env=<environment-name> plugins kubernetes uninstall-garden-services

The release also contains several bugfixes, in particular around version control and handling of included/excluded files.

Finally, to celebrate our 1000th PR, CEO and funny person @edvald added a special for command "getting contributors". Try it out before we deprecate garden get eysi. (You'll find the relevant commits under the aptly named Improvement heading below.)



  • k8s: add uninstall-garden-services command (93521763)

Bug Fixes

  • config: ignore empty docs in garden.yml files (d66cf5de)
  • container: respect include field when checking for Dockerfile (0df7a8dd)
  • core: task dependencies were not automatically run ahead of tests (46fb474f)
  • core: ensure untracked files from .gardenignore are excluded (a10bb289)
  • core: properly handle joining K8s api server url and path (8a56d199)
  • k8s: update deprecated Deployment API versions ahead of 1.16 (7cab3711)
  • k8s: remote building broken with certain cluster network configs (bf9a25ee)
  • log: error when logging object with circular refs (61bf65ff)
  • vcs: fixed support for GitHub SSH URLs and added tests (6e40f18c)
  • vcs: garden.yml changes now only affect relevant module version (#1009) (2ff4edfb)
  • vcs: allow ssh for git repo URLs (fef8ea5b)


  • core: crucial enhancements to command (4dbdc154)
  • core: make contributor more visible in CLI (0f9a7ffc)
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