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Happy December everyone! 🎄⛄️

We're back from KubeCon and enjoying some productive time at the office in Berlin.

This release contains a number of bug fixes and small improvements, and introduces one commonly requested feature: You can now pull base images from private repositories when using in-cluster building. See the in-cluster building guide for details, and how to configure the authentication.

It's now also possible to reference project variables in the providers configuration (which should help reduce clutter in project configs), and we added protection to few more commands when using the production flag.

We tackled some annoying bugs like intermittent concurrency issues when building, and kaniko hanging when building in remote clusters. Many thanks for those who reported and helped debugging those issues.

This release also contains the first PR from our newest team member, @solomonope :) Welcome to the team! ✨

Note: Our next release will be version 0.11, which will contain a handful of API improvements and Helm 3 support. Stay tuned!


Bug Fixes

  • build: fix intermittent concurrency issues when staging builds (f7057580)
  • cli: fix janky spinner when initializing providers (eb0eb33d)
  • config: throw error on base module schema validation errors (1e129b65)
  • core: plugins with base now inherit the config schema (ea3a0060)
  • core: error when services had runtime dependencies on task outputs (d26595f6)
  • dashboard: fix hooks render order on logs page (fb80d34b)
  • k8s: env vars weren't passed to services with garden run service (8d66f8a8)
  • k8s: don't truncate container build logs (d31aa8ec)
  • k8s: kaniko would hang when building remote images (78d2df51)
  • openfaas: add retry when deploying in case faas-netes is starting (ec37fd2c)


  • k8s: added securityContext for production flag (a88edfac)
  • k8s: allow pulling base images when building in cluster (e8679032)


  • add production environment protection to more commands (df76dc30)
  • config: allow provider configs to reference variables (56175ee1)
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