github garden-io/garden v0.10.14

This release adds support for "local" exec modules. This allows you to run arbitrary commands in the module source directory, as opposed to in the Garden build directory (under ./garden/build). One common use case for this functionality is to run pre-build commands. Our local exec example project demonstrates how to use this feature to pre-build Go binaries before copying them to the Docker image.

This release also adds the ability to set tolerations for the registry-proxy that's used for in-cluster building. This is useful if you use in-cluster building and the nodes in your cluster have taints.

Furthermore, the release includes some major refactors to our plugin system that makes creating and extending plugins much easier.

Finally, there are of course bug fixes and other improvements.



  • k8s: allow specifying tolerations for registry-proxy (#1296) (1fc83103)
  • plugins: add local flag to exec module type (3c1fa5a6)

Bug Fixes

  • k8s: hostPath is now relative to module source path (8b9bbfee)
  • k8s: handle CronJob resources correctly (e7a46463)
  • terraform: error when no variables are specified in provider config (6251d90f)

Code Refactoring

  • standardise error message from execa and spawn (035599da)
  • core: rename ActionHelper to ActionRouter (ac48a669)
  • plugin: implement module type inheritance and polymorphism (59fef9f1)
  • plugins: formalize plugin and module type extension mechanisms (8ae84348)
  • plugins: make plugin definition interface more intuitive (de9b3c95)


  • k8s: move back to upstream kubernetes client library (7af3ceb5)
  • k8s: also delete metadata namespace when cleaning up (f3af8777)
  • maven-container: add JDK 13 support + some tweaks and fixes (8cddab8f)
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