github garden-io/garden v0.10.12

This release adds support for a hot-reload post-sync command. This allows you to run arbitrary commands inside the running container, after a hot-reload event. Check out this example for motivation and use cases.

You can now also use the linkUrl field on a service ingress to manually set the URL of the ingress. This is useful if the actual URL is different from what the ingress specs suggest, e.g. because you have a load balancer that does path re-writes. The linkUrl is displayed in the console, the dashboard, and used by the call command.



  • container: added hotReload.postSyncCommand (eb942883)


  • config: add linkUrl field (b77fe934)
  • logger: skip fancy rendering when log level > info (ff22a48d)

Bug Fixes

  • commands: fix regression due to changes to test|task result output (71e204d3)
  • core: null reference error when an action with dependants failed (7c1fb0d2)
  • k8s: ensure get logs handler resolves (4763532c)
  • k8s: filter out failed and evicted pods when listing (65e4d0ff)

Code Refactoring

  • core: only set config names once in resolveModuleConfigs (baabb98e)
  • dashboard: pass deps to useEffect hook (2f291ecc)
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