github garden-io/garden v0.10.10

Warning: This release contains an issue that causes the Dashboard to not load. Please use our latest release instead.

This release introduces experimental support for blue-green deployments. See the deployment-strategies example project for more details.

Apart from various bugfixes and minor improvements, the other new feature in this release is an optional timeout parameter for the helm module type.



  • k8s: add timeout parameter to helm module type (373beeb9)
  • experimental blue-green deployment (01f59f5b)


  • k8s: better error logging for kubectl port forwards (5a5d5393)
  • k8s: update kubectl to v1.16.0 (3fb518d5)
  • better error output when ext commands fail (e.g. kubectl) (43220575)
  • better error when attempting to run outside of git repo (11887d7b)
  • task-graph: add more fields to events (2e5c9e30)

Bug Fixes

  • k8s: exec-ing and hot-reloading only worked for Deployments (6d00df44)
  • k8s: don't include any hooks when checking resource statuses (ca6462c5)
  • k8s: helm returned deprecated manifest version for tiller (9da49d41)
  • kubernetes-module: handle namespace attribute correctly (b6fffd06)
  • vcs: recursively handle submodules when scanning for files (06eabdaa)
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