github garden-io/garden v0.10.1

First of all, a big THANK YOU to our community for your contributions to this release! ❤️

Whether it's by helping us track down bugs, by submitting PRs (@theRealWardo, @johnRaz, @dev-kpyc), or by giving us some much valued feedback.

The most requested feature after our last release was better secret support. With this release we take the first step towards that by allowing you to reference Kubernetes secrets in container modules. See our Kubernetes Secrets example for more details. We've also added the ability to only run certain groups of tests (or no tests at all) when in dev mode with the --test-name and --skip-tests flags. For example: garden dev --test-names=unit

Furthermore, we've made some changes to our release process. First of all, we'll now be uploading an edge release to Github on every merge to master. Second, we're moving to a weekly release cycle with releases every Tuesday afternoon (CET). This will allow us to respond faster to your issues and feature requests.

Beyond that, this one was all about squashing bugs! 🐛 🔨



  • added glob and test names to dev/test commands (df31b772)
  • implemented --skip-tests flag (dde191f6)
  • add env var for setting max task concurrency (c3383d23)
  • container: allow referencing Kubernetes secrets in container modules (4c603c38)


  • updated PATH to include all gcloud bin-s (413fd02a)
  • dashboard: add taskCancelled support to stack graph page (76c154b6)
  • k8s: cluster cleanup command now also cleans build sync dir (69f41982)
  • k8s: fail fast on CreateContainerConfigError (557be338)

Bug Fixes

  • various issues with path handling on Windows (ea001d40)
  • declare latest version of fsevents explicity (f733afc6)
  • test fixes and docs update (7616fa38)
  • garden can again be run from project subdirs (560604f1)
  • hot-reloading and remote builds didn't work on Windows (40133353)
  • removed single quote from CREATE TABLE statement (a4b33c5e)
  • emit taskComplete when adding cached tasks (e1d49f26)
  • cli: fix log inconsistencies (12c242a9)
  • core: rsync error when running from dist build (70c3e595)
  • core: respect includes/excludes when syncing to build directory (becfcd39)
  • helm: add missing command directive to task spec (065b2840)
  • k8s: error when copying TLS secrets between namespaces (623a72d3)
  • k8s: skip setMinikubeDockerEnv when vm-driver=None (0825c5a0)
  • k8s: ensure images built remotely are tagged before publishing (63a2bbab)
  • k8s: respect in-cluster builder storage size configuration (6a0c61c2)
  • k8s: make sure Service Endpoints are ready at end of status checks (4678f400)
  • k8s: build --force would error with cluster-docker and no Dockerfile (710e8458)
  • k8s: always flatten resources of kind List (b6368f76)
  • k8s: support client cert authentication (2a3848ab)
  • k8s: cluster registry only worked when service CIDR was 10.x.x.x/y (609b6b1b)
  • task-graph: fix task deduplication (6979f8b5)
  • task-graph: use latest version for dedup (83803970)
  • task-gtaph: emit taskCancelled events (b6d8846f)
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