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18 days ago

Garden 0.13.29 is out! 🎉

This is a maintenance release that includes some bug fixes, features, and improvements.

Many thanks to @dan-at-confirm for the contribution to this release!


Download the Garden binary for your platform from below or simply run garden self-update if you already have it installed.


0.13.29 (2024-04-04)


  • container: allow global extra build flags e.g. for custom remote builders (#5829) (7cef7c1b6)
  • helm: store garden metadata in configmap instead of helm values (#5827) (adcf96803)
  • modules: allow opting out of build staging (#5890) (a4fdc3bfb)

Bug Fixes

  • recognize --resolve flag in validate command (#5853) (af514b409)
  • core: increase max event listener count (#5889) (d29e11e25)
  • docs: fix ordering of image reference in actions outputs (#5828) (1e7071857)
  • k8s: allow specifying version for oci helm charts (#5892) (43e7485bb)
  • vcs: use structural path comparison to compute minimal repo roots (#5867) (189bb2119)


Fixed Issues

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