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Garden 0.12.6 is out!

This release includes a few bug fixes and DX improvements. In the meantime, we've been working on some exciting new features, which we're looking forward to share soon.

Fixed regression in exec command

In a recent release, we significantly streamlined the internals behind running commands inside pods, making this sort of execution faster and more reliable.

Along with this came a regression in the TTY handling for e.g. the exec command, which went unnoticed for a while. This has now been fixed.

--show-timestamps option

Garden commands now support the --show-timestamps option, which can be very useful for debugging slow tests or builds.

Terraform: Support for using version on $PATH

We've added Terraform v0.13.3 as a supported version.

In addition, you can now use a null version to make Garden use the Terraform binary you have on your $PATH.


Big thanks to @ivanbabenko and @vrybas for their contributions to this release, and as always, many thanks to everyone who has filed issues and given us feedback!



  • cli: add --show-timestamps flag to CLI commands (f09deae1)
  • enterprise: enable authentication via ci-tokens (afe80dd6)
  • enterprise: register internal workflows (a4d5c234)
  • terraform: allow setting version to null to use terraform on PATH (3b5a0f18)
  • terraform: add v0.13.3 as a supported version (18db4ef8)


Bug Fixes

  • enterprise: fix workflow registration (83c8c0a1)
  • enterprise: add pull-request-closed as trigger event (b1ef26b2)
  • k8s: fix IO handling for exec command (e06b08d4)
  • logger: always use latest timestamp (c071acd4)
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