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Garden 0.12.5 is out!

As of 0.12.5, the format of our release names has been changed from v[major].[minor].[patch] to [major].[minor].[patch] (that is, we no longer prefix the version with a v). If you are downloading Garden releases in CI or via custom scripts, you may need to update your download URLs accordingly.

Note. 0.12.5 is a patch that fixes a regression introduced in 0.12.4. Below are the release notes and changelog from 0.12.4.

This release mostly consists of fixes and improvements related to robustness and stability.

Under the hood, we've also been doing quite a bit of refactoring to lay the groundwork for upcoming features.

This release includes fixes to the cleanup-cluster-registry command, which should make it more robust.

We've also added a new command: get modules. This command outputs a listing of all modules in the project, along with their current versions. This can be handy for quickly getting at the latest versions of your modules.



  • cli: add get module(s) command (854509c5)
  • container: add deployment-image-id module output key (e2f0d8df)
  • enterprise: enable secrets in more contexts (6e92c38d)


  • explicitly catch EMFILE errors with better error message (37975c86)
  • add plugin alias for plugins command (dde8409e)
  • cli: catch OOM errors and exit with helpful error message (d7ad8d85)
  • core: use typeorm migrations instead of auto-synchronize (b771949c)
  • core: switch to better-sqlite3 driver (c41d1d96)
  • core: warn on large file count in modules (3ee20dcb)

Bug Fixes

  • core: fix default environment resolution (19e5f551)
  • cli: fix startup time regression after added OOM handling (fb5f2127)
  • cli: handle option flags in any order (3b24339e)
  • enterprise: enforce stream batch size (90ab9d08)
  • k8s: fix some issues with the cleanup-cluster-registry command (56d1a2f3)
  • k8s: filter out undefined environment variable values (852b85c6)
  • k8s: error with basic auth on WebSocket connections (07488d47)
  • k8s: handle yet another Pod failure mode (fixes flaky test) (09334832)
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