github garden-io/garden 0.12.4

Garden 0.12.4 is out!

This release mostly consists of fixes and improvements related to robustness and stability.

Under the hood, we've also been doing quite a bit of refactoring to lay the groundwork for upcoming features.

This release includes fixes to the cleanup-cluster-registry command, which should make it more robust.

We've also added a new command: get modules. This command outputs a listing of all modules in the project, along with their current versions. This can be handy for quickly getting at the latest versions of your modules.



  • cli: add get module(s) command (854509c5)
  • container: add deployment-image-id module output key (e2f0d8df)
  • enterprise: enable secrets in more contexts (6e92c38d)


  • explicitly catch EMFILE errors with better error message (37975c86)
  • add plugin alias for plugins command (dde8409e)
  • cli: catch OOM errors and exit with helpful error message (d7ad8d85)
  • core: use typeorm migrations instead of auto-synchronize (b771949c)
  • core: switch to better-sqlite3 driver (c41d1d96)
  • core: warn on large file count in modules (3ee20dcb)

Bug Fixes

  • cli: fix startup time regression after added OOM handling (fb5f2127)
  • cli: handle option flags in any order (3b24339e)
  • enterprise: enforce stream batch size (90ab9d08)
  • k8s: fix some issues with the cleanup-cluster-registry command (56d1a2f3)
  • k8s: filter out undefined environment variable values (852b85c6)
  • k8s: error with basic auth on WebSocket connections (07488d47)
  • k8s: handle yet another Pod failure mode (fixes flaky test) (09334832)
latest releases: 0.12.5, 0.12.5-0
11 days ago