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Garden 0.12.12 is out!

Since the last release, the Helm chart for the nginx ingress controller was moved by the maintainers. We've now updated Garden to point at the new location.

Many thanks to @stevenmatthewt for helping out with this one!

We've also improved file scanning performance when multiple ignores are used. This can be a dramatic performance improvement for some larger projects.

Finally, we're introducing support for if-blocks and multi-line conditionals in Garden's template strings.

These can be very useful e.g. for inline scripts in Garden configuration files. For example:

  some-script: |
    echo "Hello, I'm a bash script!"

    ${if == "dev"}
    echo "-> debug mode"

See the new section in our variables and templating guide for more details.

Finally, thanks to everyone who's been providing feedback and suggestions!

Bug Fixes

  • core: prohibit templates in workflow name (fa5df971)
  • helm: use archive stable repository (#2174) (1e144006)
  • k8s: upgrade from deprecated nginx helm chart (2eaac5f3)


  • template: support if-blocks for multi-line conditionals (884fe328)


  • core: more efficient file scanning with multiple ignores (3604da3c)
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