github freescout-helpdesk/freescout 1.6.0

Conversation "Settings > Conversation History" option has been moved to the "Send" button dropdown.


  • Merge conversations via "Merge" dropdown menu item in the conversation toolbar (#226)
  • Edit conversation subject (#43)
  • Added Conversation History item to the "Send" button dropdown (#744)
  • When viewing a mailbox in the top Search dropdown now "All from current mailbox" item is shown (#591)


  • Improved email subject decoding (#735)
  • Send full conversation history when forwarding conversation via Workflow (closes #743)


  • Added checking availability of shell_exec function and console ps command to System Status page.
  • Added curl to the list of required extensions on System Status page.
latest releases: 1.6.13, 1.6.12, 1.6.11...
4 months ago