github freescout-helpdesk/freescout 1.2.5


  • Allow to send ougoing emails from SMTP server without login and password.
  • Show user status in profile and in the users dropdown.
  • Show author of the new conversation draft.


  • Fixed The specified charset is not supported error in Microsoft mailboxes (#176)
  • Ignore false IMAP errors (#270)
  • Fixed foreach issue in Webklex/IMAP/Client.php in getFolder().
  • Fix editor buttons layout on mobile.
  • Sometimes email could be sent from wrong mailbox.


  • Do not regenerate vars.js on saving Settings.
  • Update vars.js only if content changed to prevent minified file rebuild.
latest releases: 1.6.13, 1.6.12, 1.6.11...
18 months ago