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14.25.0 (2023-05-24)

Bug Fixes

  • consider 0 if rate/qty are null (backport #35338) (#35340) (15c1af3)
  • Creating landed cost voucher from connections (2631224)
  • depreciation schedule for existing assets [v14] (#35255) (0a080ef)
  • don't recalculate rate for SCR rejected warehouse SLE (633a170)
  • error while saving job card (fb7d3b7)
  • incorrect depr schedule and posting dates on selling of existing assets [v14] (#35396) (8af6a11)
  • Pick List Status (4888436)
  • Pick List TypeError (6df9b53)
  • possible type error on quotation -> sales order creation (d23b93a)
  • replace quotation with invoice in first onboarding (backport #35389) (#35394) (9b9772e)
  • tds incorrectly calculated for invoice that are below threshold (bdf81a4)
  • test: cumulative threshold checks (879946e)
  • use flt instead of mandatory field (668b092)
  • ux: SCR consumed-qty read-only property (aa7fede)


  • provision to make reposting entries from Stock and Account Value Comparison Report (3a0cdf3)
  • provision to skip available sub assembly items in the production plan (ce601af)

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