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4 months ago


  • Add ability to apply a policy yaml document so that GitOps workflows can be used to create and
    modify policies.

  • Add ability to run a live query that returns 1,000+ results in the Fleet UI by adding
    client-side pagination to the results table.

  • Improve the accuracy of query platform compatibility detection by adding recognition for queries
    with the WITH expression.

  • Add ability to open a page in the Fleet UI in a new tab by "right-clicking" an item in the navigation.

  • Improve the live query API route (GET /api/v1/queries/run) so that it successfully return results for Fleet
    instances using a load balancer by reducing the wait period to 25 seconds.

  • Improve performance of the Fleet UI by updating loading states and reducing the number of requests
    made to the Fleet API.

  • Improve performance of the MySQL database by updating the queries used to populate host vitals and
    caching the results.

  • Add read_timeout Redis configuration
    to customize the
    maximum amount of time Fleet should wait to receive a response from a Redis server.

  • Add write_timeout Redis configuration
    to customize the
    maximum amount of time Fleet should wait to send a command to a Redis server.

  • Fix a bug in which browser extensions (Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari) were not included in
    software inventory.

  • Improve the security of the Organization settings page by preventing the browser from requesting
    to save SMTP credentials.

  • Fix a bug in which an existing pack's targets were not cleaned up after deleting hosts, labels, and teams.

  • Fix a bug in which non-existent queries and policies would not return a 404 not found response.


  • Our testing demonstrated an increase in max devices served in our load test infrastructure to 70,000 from 60,000 in v4.8.0.

Load Test Infrastructure

  • Fleet server

    • AWS Fargate
    • 2 tasks with 1024 CPU units and 2048 MiB of RAM.
  • MySQL

    • Amazon RDS
    • db.r5.2xlarge
  • Redis

    • Amazon ElastiCache
    • cache.m5.large with 2 replicas (no cluster mode)

What was changed to accomplish these improvements?

  • Optimized the updating and fetching of host data to only send and receive the bare minimum data

  • Reduced the number of times host information is updated by caching more data.

  • Updated cleanup jobs and deletion logic.

Future improvements

  • At maximum DB utilization, we found that some hosts fail to respond to live queries. Future releases of Fleet will improve upon this.


Please visit our update guide for upgrade instructions.


Documentation for Fleet can be found at

Binary Checksum


5b020272939906e342146097c33c9378d2af4ffe95ddde03ee59e9ae602f3eec  fleetctl_v4.9.0_windows.tar.gz
7f9281f6035715f88e881d6c73ed66615fc692581e7f528bcf930c7480668d7e  fleetctl_v4.9.0_macos.tar.gz
74e3d67f84edc29bbee3934aeedaf8f46707f6bd7eebe2c8791e8461b07eaf4c  fleet_v4.9.0_linux.tar.gz
b385fa63f4a49fb269710b43f2cb5bf2004a746d11b727a70ef8e78bf49c754e  fleetctl_v4.9.0_linux.tar.gz

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