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4 months ago


  • Add ability to configure Fleet to send a webhook request with all hosts that failed a policy. Documentation on what data is included the webhook request and when the webhook request is sent can be found here on

  • Add ability to find a user's device in Fleet by filtering hosts by email associated with a Google Chrome profile. Requires the macadmins osquery extension which comes bundled in Fleet's osquery installers.

  • Add ability to see a host's Google Chrome profile information using the GET api/v1/fleet/hosts/{id}/device_mapping API route.

  • Add ability to see a host's mobile device management (MDM) enrollment status, MDM server URL, and Munki version on a host's Host details page. Requires the macadmins osquery extension which comes bundled in Fleet's osquery installers.

  • Add ability to see a host's MDM and Munki information with the GET api/v1/fleet/hosts/{id}/macadmins API route.

  • Improve the handling of certificates in the fleetctl package command by adding a check for a valid PEM file.

  • Update Prometheus Go client library which results in the following breaking changes to the GET /metrics API route: http_request_duration_microseconds is now http_request_duration_seconds_bucket, http_request_duration_microseconds_sum is now http_request_duration_seconds_sum, http_request_duration_microseconds_count is now http_request_duration_seconds_count, http_request_size_bytes is now http_request_size_bytes_bucket, and http_response_size_bytes is now http_response_size_bytes_bucket.

  • Improve performance when searching and sorting hosts in the Fleet UI.

  • Improve performance when running a live query feature by reducing the load on Redis.

  • Improve performance when viewing software installed across all hosts in the Fleet UI.

  • Fix a bug in which the Fleet UI presented the option to download an undefined certificate in the "Generate installer" instructions.

  • Fix a bug in which database migrations failed when using MariaDB due to a migration introduced in Fleet 4.7.0.

  • Fix a bug that prevented hosts from checking in to Fleet when Redis was down.


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Documentation for Fleet is available at

Binary Checksum


a14f9ced0f606f6760e8c5297a62fccf0b1ffa7bed4c8ababc8e04a264531019  fleetctl_v4.8.0_macos.tar.gz
4ae66acf77299a6c20c3305657c26e7ce385f3617ea5820cac32c3918d2651e7  fleet_v4.8.0_linux.tar.gz
4f4944676f0addfdfd95d500585f39ebbd99570d432932a6a50488f2d048570d  fleetctl_v4.8.0_linux.tar.gz
7cf2cd759713b56b2c3d05e26e0f7d05e48aa9dc1a1be985810679e87b9770d8  fleetctl_v4.8.0_windows.tar.gz

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