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  • Add ability to create, modify, or delete policies in Fleet without modifying saved queries. Fleet
    4.7.0 introduces breaking changes to the /policies API routes to separate policies from saved
    queries in Fleet. These changes will not affect any policies previously created or modified in the
    Fleet UI.

  • Turn on vulnerability processing for all Fleet instances with software inventory enabled. Vulnerability processing in Fleet
    provides the ability to see all hosts with specific vulnerable software installed.

  • Improve the performance of the "Software" table on the Home page.

  • Improve performance of the MySQL database by changing the way a host's users information is saved.

  • Add ability to select from a library of standard policy templates on the Policies page. These
    pre-made policies ask specific "yes" or "no" questions about your hosts. For example, one of
    these policy templates asks "Is Gatekeeper enabled on macOS devices?"

  • Add ability to ask whether or not your hosts have a specific operating system installed by
    selecting an operating system policy on the Host details page. For example, a host that is
    running macOS 12.0.1 will present a policy that asks "Is macOS 12.0.1 installed on macOS devices?"

  • Add ability to specify which platform(s) (macOS, Windows, and/or Linux) a policy is checked on.

  • Add ability to generate a report that includes which hosts are answering "Yes" or "No" to a
    specific policy by running a policy's query as a live query.

  • Add ability to see the total number of installed software software items across all your hosts.

  • Add ability to see an example scheduled query result that is sent to your configured log
    destination. Select "Schedule a query" > "Preview data" on the Schedule page to see the
    example scheduled query result.

  • Improve the host's users information by removing users without login shells and adding users
    that are not associated with a system group.

  • Add ability to see a Fleet instance's missing migrations with the fleetctl debug migrations
    command. The fleet serve and fleet prepare db commands will now fail if any unknown migrations
    are detected.

  • Add ability to see syntax errors as your write a query in the Fleet UI.

  • Add ability to record a policy's resolution steps that can be referenced when a host answers "No"
    to this policy.

  • Add server request errors to the Fleet server logs to allow for troubleshooting issues with the
    Fleet server in non-debug mode.

  • Increase default login session length to 24 hours.

  • Fix a bug in which software inventory and disk space information was not retrieved for Debian hosts.

  • Fix a bug in which searching for targets on the Edit pack page negatively impacted performance of
    the MySQL database.

  • Fix a bug in which some Fleet migrations were incompatible with MySQL 8.

  • Fix a bug that prevented the creation of osquery installers for Windows (.msi) when a non-default
    update channel is specified.

  • Fix a bug in which the "Software" table on the home page did not correctly filtering when a
    specific team was selected on the Home page.

  • Fix a bug in which users with "No access" in Fleet were presented with a perpetual
    loading state in the Fleet UI.


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Binary Checksum


4cd15a76ac934a429d714c881c9f86824b800dc12f216bcfebfc81e02f3ecfb7  fleet_v4.7.0_linux.tar.gz
655704454143e0d151922763f45d7408b5185a46c04597833ad3be500f8b4007  fleetctl_v4.7.0_windows.tar.gz
33030fda6bb7b078fa54d628e379fc4bc71dd2373d743d89d5365fb40536d087  fleetctl_v4.7.0_macos.tar.gz
ef17e435d8d435e1c259a6d8e570b5ee4b2e773a1ea3c2a114ed194b5444c1ca  fleetctl_v4.7.0_linux.tar.gz

Docker images

  • docker pull fleetdm/fleetctl:v4.7.0
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleetctl:v4.7.0
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleetctl:v4
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleet:v4.7.0
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleet:v4.7.0
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleet:v4

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