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11 days ago


  • Added support to add a EULA as part of the AEP/DEP unboxing flow.

  • DEP enrollments configured with SSO now pre-populate the username/fullname fields during account

  • Integrated the macOS setup assistant feature with Apple DEP so that the setup assistants are assigned to the enrolled devices.

  • Re-assign and update the macOS setup assistants (and the default one) whenever required, such as
    when it is modified, when a host is transferred, a team is deleted, etc.

  • Added device-authenticated endpoint to signal the Fleet server to send a webhook request with the
    device UUID and serial number to the webhook URL configured for MDM migration.

  • Added UI for new automatic enrollment under the integration settings.

  • Added UI for end-user migration setup.

  • Changed macOS settings UI to always show the profile status aggregate data.

  • Revised validation errors returned for fleetctl mdm run-command.

  • Added mdm.macos_migration to app config.

  • Added PATCH /mdm/apple/setup endpoint.

  • Added enable_end_user_authentication to mdm.macos_setup in global app config and team config

  • Now tries to infer the bootstrap package name from the URL on upload if a content-disposition header is not provided.

  • Added wildcards to host search so when searching for different accented characters you get more results.

  • Can now reorder (and bookmark) policy tables by failing count.

  • On the login and password reset pages, added email validation and fixed some minor styling bugs.

  • Ensure sentence casing on labels on host details page.

  • Fix 3 Windows CIS benchmark policies that had false positive results initally merged March 24.

  • Fix of Fleet Server returning a duplicate OS version for Windows.

  • Improved loading UI for disk encryption controls page.

  • The 'GET /api/v1/fleet/hosts/{id}' and 'GET /api/v1/fleet/hosts/identifier/{identifier}' now
    include the software installed path on their payload.

  • Third party vulnerability integrations now include the installed path of the vulnerable software
    on each host.

  • Greyed out unusable select all queries checkbox.

  • Added page header for macOS updates UI.

  • Back to queries button returns to previous table state.

  • Bookmarkable URLs are now source of truth for Manage Queries page table state.

  • Added mechanism to refetch MDM enrollment status of a host pending unenrollment (due to a migration to Fleet) at a high interval.

  • Made sure every modal in the UI conforms to a consistent system of widths.

  • Team admins and team maintainers cannot save/update a global policy so hide the save button when viewing or running a global policy.

  • Policy description has text area instead of one-line area.

  • Users can now see the filepath of software on a host.

  • Added version info metadata file to Windows installer.

  • Fixed a bug where policy automations couldn't be updated without a webhook URL.

  • Fixed tooltip misalignment on software page.


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Binary Checksum


014cc7b4e8646fb23a4f97db3e17a55c4b4eb764b096bdf4762a400bab705b12  fleet_v4.32.0_linux.tar.gz
95b59b4a119863daa72c5e4db2ed0e1c52c987232c5d8a571aa6c0bd9b1c09f8  fleetctl_v4.32.0_macos.tar.gz
98828cde489d75198217e920f7919d8060153058bebc9948bdfe84501e02afe7  fleetctl_v4.32.0_linux.tar.gz
c6d4e32c6b901d5b1a5cd645d80f4c199a95a4a764b6cc4f1a0820b760f9be39  fleetctl_v4.32.0_windows.tar.gz

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