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8 months ago


  • Improve database performance by reducing the amount of MySQL database queries when a host checks in.

  • Fix a bug in which users with the global maintainer role could not edit or save queries. In, Fleet 4.0.0, the Admin, Maintainer, and Observer user roles were introduced. Documentation for the permissions associated with each role can be found here on

  • Fix a bug in which policies were checked about every second and add a policy_update_interval osquery configuration option. Documentation for this configuration option can be found here on

  • Fix a bug in which edits to a query’s name, description, SQL did not appear until the user refreshed the Edit query page.

  • Fix a bug in which the hosts count for a label returned 0 after modifying a label’s name or description.

  • Improve error message when attempting to create or edit a user with an email that already exists.


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Documentation for this release can be found at

Binary Checksum


1785f1245b7e774065902c2e786eb5ed849c7890e1ee13935216694903ea4e52  fleetctl_v4.3.2_linux.tar.gz
3be4104f44a14471d36a983d17d0982151a09e0e3c2a2dce380812feba0f448f  fleet_v4.3.2_linux.tar.gz
c60ed4b006b3ef1a43d519c34e0809eaa6c82bb83ddf3d0a0905120dee922210  fleetctl_v4.3.2_windows.tar.gz
fa0af07698ab82182cbbe98ba115ef6afb7b617e243e5aaa1e8bd3831cde31bf  fleetctl_v4.3.2_macos.tar.gz

Docker images

  • docker pull fleetdm/fleetctl:v4.3.2
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleetctl:v4.3.2
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleetctl:v4
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleet:v4.3.2
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleet:v4.3.2
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleet:v4

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