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8 months ago


  • Add Policies feature for detecting device compliance with organizational policies.

  • Run/edit query experience has been completely redesigned.

  • Add support for MySQL read replicas. This allows the Fleet server to scale to more hosts.

  • Add configurable webhook to notify when a specified percentage of hosts have been offline for over the specified amount of days.

  • Add fleetctl package command for building Orbit packages.

  • Add enroll secret dialog on host dashboard.

  • Expose free disk space in gigs and percentage for hosts.

  • Add 15-minute interval option on Schedule page.

  • Clean up advanced options UI.

  • 404 and 500 page now include buttons for Osquery community Slack and to file an issue

  • Update all empty and error states for cleaner UI.

  • Add warning banners in Fleet UI and fleetctl for license expiration.

  • Render query performance information on host vitals page pack section.

  • Improved performance for app loading.

  • Make team schedule names more user friendly and hide the stats for global and team schedules when showing host pack stats.

  • Display query_name in when referencing scheduled queries for more consistent UI/UX.

  • Query action added for observers on host vitals page.

  • Add server_settings.debug_host_ids to gather more detailed information about what the specified hosts are sending to fleet.

  • Allow deeper linking into the Fleet application by saving filters in URL parameters.

  • Rename Basic Tier to Premium Tier, and Core Tier to Free Tier.

  • Improve vulnerability detection compatibility with database configurations.

  • MariaDB compatibility fixes: add explicit foreign key constraint and on cascade delete for host_software to allow for hosts with software to be deleted.

  • Fix migration that was incompatible with MySQL primary key requirements (default on DigitalOcean MySQL 5.8).

  • Add 30 second SMTP timeout for mail configuration.

  • Fix display of platform Labels on manage hosts page

  • Fix a bug recording scheduled query statistics.

  • When a label is removed, ignore query executions for that label.

  • Add fleet serve config to change the redis connection timeout and keep alive interval.

  • Remove hardcoded limits in label searches when targeting queries.

  • Allow host users to be readded.

  • Move email template images from github to

  • Fix bug rendering CPU in host vitals.

  • Update the schema for host_users to allow for bulk inserts without locking, and allow for users without unique uid.

  • When using dynamic vulnerability processing node, try to create the vulnerability.databases-path.

  • Fix fleetctl get host <hostname> to properly output JSON when the command line flag is supplied i.e fleetctl get host --json foobar


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Binary Checksum


176893d3110c0f8073ff9dcde8fd0a417899d5334d0e65a7668e26f98700bf7d  fleet_v4.3.0_linux.tar.gz
42351b4599edd0781ee83a367d9a284f1ecd2eb96b92938733c6656601f46482  fleetctl_v4.3.0_macos.tar.gz
69360c6f9d3b27ee8d3210c4eb4e40a9545a13812fd9459aee61e51c44fb6e3c  fleetctl_v4.3.0_linux.tar.gz
98a0501b5c2521c22539a77c3d0f7b1430754c9adbf8e47512bbc127fa3a8a08  fleetctl_v4.3.0_windows.tar.gz

Docker images

  • docker pull fleetdm/fleetctl:v4.3.0
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleetctl:v4.3.0
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleetctl:v4
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleet:v4.3.0
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleet:v4.3.0
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleet:v4

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