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9 months ago


  • Add ability to troubleshoot connection issues with the fleetctl debug connection command.

  • Improve compatibility with MySQL variants (MariaDB, Aurora, etc.) by removing usage of JSON_ARRAYAGG.

  • Fix bug in which live queries would stop returning results if more than 5 seconds goes by without a result. This bug was introduced in 4.2.1.

  • Eliminate double-logging of IP addresses in osquery endpoints.

  • Update host details after transferring a host on the details page.

  • Log errors in osquery endpoints to improve debugging.


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Binary Checksum


85b48b60ce7a5c1f975c465d6cddecc8bebd755ce19367510b06d6cb4ebc451d  fleet_v4.2.3_linux.tar.gz
95bf502671146b041712409e37c6425f83bcd9bc83410c75515662e8cd21c351  fleetctl_v4.2.3_linux.tar.gz
a3bb23f9e36feb7f58f5702a539d4064ab92200c04ab33a825d87c1a1748ba07  fleetctl_v4.2.3_windows.tar.gz
d0d68b9405351e0d267851b6d309ad3bd45f3e0a19251857a7ba0ed717a11286  fleetctl_v4.2.3_macos.tar.gz

Docker images

  • docker pull fleetdm/fleetctl:v4.2.3
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleetctl:v4.2.3
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleetctl:v4
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleet:v4.2.3
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleet:v4.2.3
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleet:v4

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