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Fleet v4.2.1

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9 months ago


  • Fix a database issue with MariaDB 10.5.4.

  • Display updated team name after edit.

  • When a connection from a live query websocket is closed, Fleet now timeouts the receive and handles the different cases correctly to not hold the connection to Redis.

  • Read live query results from Redis in a thread safe manner.

  • Allow observers and maintainers to refetch a host in a team they belong to.


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Binary Checksum


08f32db48d6439043da13bb886d7b77db747e201b0d4c81f4e1ccffe100394e3  fleetctl_v4.2.1_linux.tar.gz
8cf1c8a147dfedeef7fe3c886436a6d029a66758b8a10c3ead05489f59c0e507  fleet_v4.2.1_linux.tar.gz
a8f7641779c0a6d3803e05a22567cdf4b9f0f0b5d77ab9ab0f86f09c58b2b60a  fleetctl_v4.2.1_windows.tar.gz
b731d2f6334cb2d8b6fd9bc1ad0dd9639097497f4e0067c82ad278b692ec0dcb  fleetctl_v4.2.1_macos.tar.gz

Docker images

  • docker pull fleetdm/fleetctl:v4.2.1
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleetctl:v4.2.1
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleetctl:v4
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleet:v4.2.1
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleet:v4.2.1
  • docker pull fleetdm/fleet:v4

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