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latest releases: fleet-v4.16.0, orbit-v0.0.13
one month ago


  • Expanded beta support for vulnerability reporting to include both Zendesk and Jira integration. This allows users to configure Fleet to
    automatically create a Zendesk ticket or Jira issue when a new vulnerability (CVE) is detected on your hosts.

  • Expanded beta support for Fleet Desktop to Mac and Windows hosts. Fleet Desktop allows the device user to see
    information about their device. To add Fleet Desktop to a host, generate a Fleet-osquery installer with fleetctl package and include the --fleet-desktop flag. Then, open this installer on the device.

  • Added the ability to see when software was last used on Mac hosts in the Host Details view in the Fleet UI. Allows you to know how recently an application was accessed and is especially useful when making decisions about whether to continue subscriptions for paid software and distributing licensces.

  • Improved security by increasing the minimum password length requirement for Fleet users to 12 characters.

  • Added Policies tab to Host Details page for Fleet Premium users.

  • Added device_mapping to host information in UI and API responses.

  • Deprecated "MIA" host status in UI and API responses.

  • Added CVE scores to /software API endpoint responses when available.

  • Added all_linux_count and builtin_labels to GET /host_summary response.

  • Added "Bundle identifier" information as tooltip for macOS applications on Software page.

  • Fixed an issue with detecting root directory when using orbit shell.

  • Fixed an issue with duplicated hosts being sent in the vulnerability webhook payload.

  • Added the ability to select columns when exporting hosts to CSV.

  • Improved the output of fleetclt debug errors and added the ability to print the errors to stdout via the -stdout flag.

  • Added support for Docker Compose V2 to fleetctl preview.

  • Added experimental option to save responses to host_last_seen queries to the database in batches as well as the ability to configure enable_async_host_processing settings for host_last_seen, label_membership and policy_membership independently.

  • Expanded wifi_networks table to include more data on macOS and fixed compatibility issues with newer MacOS releases.

  • Improved precision in unseen hosts reports sent by the host status webhook.

  • Increased MySQL group_concat_max_len setting from default 1024 to 4194304.

  • Added validation for pack scheduled query interval.

  • Fixed instructions for enrolling hosts using osqueryd.


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Binary Checksum


08153d5f3e2f5f72fec7692809f23d1d9e8c5d94073c7cb5a889ebaf703079be  fleetctl_v4.15.0_linux.tar.gz
80c5062704e6bf5f26e2e07abf3d7577458ed3df51c64b78bd3e1ef79f0f8336  fleet_v4.15.0_linux.tar.gz
8d73afbb4e5dd68359acf6d11f8d2fc02af81111b713300b57f4228053ebb1a6  fleetctl_v4.15.0_macos.tar.gz
9975000159979de37c11176f0b4237a8d0ba0abce5b6b61ee2ce4a8b6fce9f9a  fleetctl_v4.15.0_windows.tar.gz

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