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10 days ago


  • Add beta support for Jira integration. This allows users to configure Fleet to automatically create a Jira issue when a new vulnerability (CVE) is detected on your hosts.

  • Add a "Show query" button on the live query results page. This allows users to double-check the syntax used and compare this to their results without leaving the current view.

  • Add a Postman Collection for the Fleet API. This allows users to easily interact with Fleet's API routes so that they can build and test integrations.

  • Add beta support for Fleet Desktop on Linux. Fleet Desktop allows the device user to see information about their device. To add Fleet Desktop to a Linux device, first add the --fleet-desktop flag to the fleectl package command to generate a Fleet-osquery installer that includes Fleet Desktop. Then, open this installer on the device.

  • Add last_opened_at property, for macOS software, to the Host details API route (GET /hosts/{id}).

  • Improve the Settings pages in the the Fleet UI.

  • Improve error message retuned when running fleetctl query command with missing or misspelled hosts.

  • Improve the empty states and forms on the Policies page, Queries page, and Host details page in the Fleet UI.

  • All duration settings returned by fleetctl get config --include-server-config were changed from nanoseconds to an easy to read format.
  • Fix a bug in which the "Bundle identifier" tooltips displayed on Host details > Software did not
    render correctly.

  • Fix a bug in which the Fleet UI would render an empty Google Chrome profiles on the Host details page.

  • Fix a bug in which the Fleet UI would error when entering the "@" characters in the Search targets field.

  • Fix a bug in which a scheduled query would display the incorrect name when editing the query on
    the Schedule page.

  • Fix a bug in which a deprecation warning would be displayed when generating a deb or rpm
    Fleet-osquery package when running the fleetctl package command.

  • Fix a bug that caused panic errors when running the fleet serve --debug command.


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Binary Checksum


1198ff837f228d786ade25af7cc7db8478aab49f1cbff49ceba7d9c7e025111e  fleetctl_v4.14.0_windows.tar.gz
efd4d60d6ccb0ef41279969f8215da31dd6fb64d29225c4607065a5b1419ef3d  fleetctl_v4.14.0_macos.tar.gz
cd50f058724cdde07edcc3cf89c83e9c5cd91ca41974ea470ae660cb50dd04a1  fleetctl_v4.14.0_linux.tar.gz
ec8c6282955adc49d9dde92d5adbf41465b1e2e8174fd8ca548d0132f9b0a217  fleet_v4.14.0_linux.tar.gz

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