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2 months ago
  • Add ability to update which platform (macOS, Windows, Linux) a policy is checked on.

  • Add ability to detect compatibility for custom policies.

  • Increase the default session duration to 5 days. Session duration can be updated using the
    session_duration configuration option.

  • Add ability to see the percentage of hosts that responded to a live query.

  • Add ability for users with admin permissions to update any user's password.

  • Add content_type_value Kafka REST Proxy configuration option to allow the use of different versions of the Kafka REST Proxy.

  • Add database_path GeoIP configuration option to specify a GeoIP database. When configured, geolocation information is presented on the Host details page and in the GET /hosts/{id} API route.

  • Add ability to retrieve a host's public IP address. This information is available on the Host details page and GET /hosts/{id} API route.

  • Add instructions and materials needed to add hosts to Fleet using plain osquery. These instructions can be found in Hosts > Add hosts > Advanced in the Fleet UI.

  • Reduce the noise of osquery status logs by only running a host vital query, which populate the Host details page, when the query includes tables that are compatible with a specific host.

  • Fix a bug on the Edit pack page in which the "Select targets" element would display the hover effect for the wrong target.

  • Fix a bug on the Software page in which software items from deleted hosts were not removed.

  • Fix a bug in which the platform for Amazon Linux 2 hosts would be displayed incorrectly.


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Binary Checksum


0f21dd9e06553497bcd3a0b0419c644f5336bf261d6143ac6ce1bc55ca9f31bc  fleetctl_v4.12.0_linux.tar.gz
1eccbf3a9f06f0eb8dae8107a8fc820ede3d0aeb8428bc0f840187115ba57bdf  fleetctl_v4.12.0_windows.tar.gz
ba8a497f10169e7e30ece33b9c7603bfd19f121d9f351f82e83ed2e3fd9dd906  fleet_v4.12.0_linux.tar.gz
79f3554f6969f256ae24575bf7b2f4f64e40f1dab527e737f8f16bff666d3852  fleetctl_v4.12.0_macos.tar.gz

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