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2 months ago


  • Improve vulnerability processing to reduce the number of false positives for RPM packages on Linux hosts.

  • Fleet Premium: Add a teams key to the packs yaml document to allow adding teams as targets when using CI/CD to manage query packs.

  • Fleet premium: Add the ability to retrieve configuration for a specific team with the fleetctl get team --name <team-name-here> command.

  • Remove the expiration for API tokens for API-only users. API-only users can be created using the
    fleetctl user create --api-only command.

  • Improve performance of the osquery query used to collect software inventory for Linux hosts.

  • Update the activity feed on the Home page to include add, edit, and delete policy activities.
    Activity information is also available in the GET /activities API route.

  • Update Kinesis logging plugin to append newline character to raw message bytes to properly format NDJSON for downstream consumers.

  • Clarify why the "Performance impact" for some queries is displayed as "Undetermined" in the Fleet

  • Add instructions for using plain osquery to add hosts to Fleet in the Fleet View these instructions by heading to Hosts > Add hosts > Advanced.

  • Fix a bug in which uninstalling Munki from one or more hosts would result in inaccurate Munki
    versions displayed on the Home > macOS page.

  • Fix a bug in which a user, with access limited to one or more teams, was able to run a live query
    against hosts in any team. This bug is not exposed in the Fleet UI and is limited to users of the
    POST run API route.

  • Fix a bug in the Fleet UI in which the "Select targets" search bar would not return the expected hosts.

  • Fix a bug in which global agent options were not updated correctly when editing these options in
    the Fleet UI.

  • Fix a bug in which the Fleet UI would incorrectly tag some URLs as invalid.

  • Fix a bug in which the Fleet UI would attempt to connect to an SMTP server when SMTP was disabled.

  • Fix a bug on the Software page in which the "Hosts" column was not filtered by team.

  • Fix a bug in which global maintainers were unable to add and edit policies that belonged to a
    specific team.

  • Fix a bug in which the operating system version for some Linux distributions would not be
    displayed properly.

  • Fix a bug in which configuring an identity provider name to a value shorter than 4 characters was
    not allowed.

  • Fix a bug in which the avatar would not appear in the top navigation.


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Binary Checksum


07a3828310dc08a73c932941072fd8aef215dd88eb062f11e92dba32f1f635a4  fleet_v4.11.0_linux.tar.gz
38e9b9ef81087b4d6c48c1595bd3dac320cea804fc75befaeff598608f23ada5  fleetctl_v4.11.0_linux.tar.gz
7c011f53b6c242dec24efdfdeee9d54d7c7880c78601299075a05934d2136b46  fleetctl_v4.11.0_macos.tar.gz
dfffd4384c105a6b7b000f32e23998832871ae9b52a0b69a504aa02f60e52311  fleetctl_v4.11.0_windows.tar.gz

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