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3 months ago


  • Upgrade Go to 1.17.7 with security fixes for crypto/elliptic (CVE-2022-23806), math/big (CVE-2022-23772), and cmd/go (CVE-2022-23773). These are not likely to be high impact in Fleet deployments, but we are upgrading in an abundance of caution.

  • Add aggregate software and vulnerability information on the new Software page.

  • Add ability to see how many hosts have a specific vulnerable software installed on the Software page. This information is also available in the GET /api/v1/fleet/software API route.

  • Add ability to send a webhook request if a new vulnerability (CVE) is found on at least one host. Documentation on what data is included the webhook request and when the webhook request is sent can be found here on

  • Add aggregate Mobile Device Management and Munki data on the Home page.

  • Add email and URL validation across the entire Fleet UI.

  • Add ability to filter software by "Vulnerable" on the Host details page.

  • Update standard policy templates to use new naming convention. For example, "Is FileVault enabled on macOS devices?" is now "Full disk encryption enabled (macOS)."

  • Add db-innodb-status and db-process-list to fleetctl debug command.

  • Fleet Premium: Add the ability to generate a Fleet installer and manage enroll secrets on the Team details page.

  • A ability for users with the observer role to view which platforms (macOS, Windows, Linux) a query is compatible with.

  • Improve the experience for editing queries and policies in the Fleet UI.

  • Improve vulnerability processing for NPM packages.

  • Support triggering a webhook for newly detected vulnerabilities with a list of affected hosts.

  • Add filter software by CVE.

  • Add the ability to disable scheduled query performance statistics.

  • Add ability to filter the host summary information by platform (macOS, Windows, Linux) on the Home page.

  • Fix a bug in Fleet installers for Linux in which a computer restart would stop the host from reporting to Fleet.

  • Make sure ApplyTeamSpec only works with premium deployments.

  • Disable MDM, Munki, and Chrome profile queries on unsupported platforms to reduce log noise.

  • Properly handle paths in CVE URL prefix.


Please visit our update guide for upgrade instructions.


Documentation for Fleet is available at

Binary Checksum


6c04039feab80d5dc1a449e23167d182236889d9712cae04370e7e2e99dfa179  fleetctl_v4.10.0_linux.tar.gz
74df98b823a9096db1c3b9b748a24ce2bbed7413a5d89a5c1751aba6d29e12eb  fleetctl_v4.10.0_windows.tar.gz
2d2ae88e855a127b2d9e97582a37930657c09604717fc98d239a56f43df02b36  fleetctl_v4.10.0_macos.tar.gz
9fc801df0171d6170158303d225e2d76c99449102f0134f7b7c6365330fc345e  fleet_v4.10.0_linux.tar.gz

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