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14 months ago


  • Add configurable host identifier to help with duplicate host enrollment scenarios. By default, Fleet's behavior does not change (it uses the identifier configured in osquery's --host_identifier flag), but for users with overlapping host UUIDs changing --osquery_host_identifier to instance may be helpful.

  • Make cool-down period for host enrollment configurable to control load on the database in scenarios in which hosts are using the same identifier. By default, the cooldown is off, reverting to the behavior of Fleet <=3.4.0. The cooldown can be enabled with --osquery_enroll_cooldown.

  • Refresh the Fleet UI with a new layout and horizontal navigation bar.

  • Trim down the size of Fleet binaries.

  • Improve handling of config_refresh values from osquery clients.

  • Fix an issue with IP addresses and host additional info dropping.


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Binary Checksum


9708469b67bcb2cbc739a96098a646c9183b0e79f1d15ea30ee31a22a3c74b0c  fleetctl-macos.tar.gz
eaf99180eb504cba8d4625ddc572faa14ec27730aee8a9de8a8028502cb11238  fleetctl-windows.tar.gz
4ffd6f942f0d94cca15a56f4d543563553229d2d1f872d216cb1a4487a306aa5  fleetctl-linux.tar.gz

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