github fleetdm/fleet 3.8.0

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15 months ago


  • Add search, sort, and column selection in the hosts dashboard.

  • Add AWS Lambda logging plugin.

  • Improve messaging about number of hosts responding to live query.

  • Update host listing API endpoints to support search.

  • Fixes to the fleetctl preview experience.

  • Fix denylist parameter in scheduled queries.

  • Fix an issue with errors table rendering on live query page.

  • Deprecate KOLIDE_ environment variable prefixes in favor of FLEET_ prefixes. Deprecated prefixes continue to work and the Fleet server will log warnings if the deprecated variable names are used.

  • Deprecate /api/v1/kolide routes in favor of /api/v1/fleet. Deprecated routes continue to work and the Fleet server will log warnings if the deprecated routes are used.

  • Add Javascript source maps for development.


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Binary Checksum


2ac4c0e9fbdac3f8ec4fa586157ab87cd4fd3767bd3cc9534a2733e472232908  fleetctl-macos.tar.gz
79c503cc3e1baf46a359d91f79c815d382ca3f8fc25f7cbc1d35655d3e131de3  fleetctl-windows.tar.gz
0900d5e9d09e19811cfba40f8cb7fc9bd42d8e2917a20e1145bacfb3f4e08648  fleetctl-linux.tar.gz

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