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15 months ago


This is a security release.

  • Security: Fixed a vulnerability in which a malicious actor with a valid node key can send a badly formatted request that causes the Fleet server to exit, resulting in denial of service. See GHSA-xwh8-9p3f-3x45 and the linked content within that advisory.

  • Add new Host details page which includes a rich view of a specific host’s attributes.

  • Reveal live query errors in the Fleet UI and fleetctl to help target and diagnose hosts that fail.

  • Add Helm chart to make it easier for users to deploy to Kubernetes.

  • Add support for denylist parameter in scheduled queries.

  • Add debug flag to fleetctl that enables logging of HTTP requests and responses to stderr.

  • Improvements to the fleetctl preview experience that include adding containerized osquery agents, displaying login information, creating a default directory, and checking for Docker daemon status.

  • Add improved error handling in host enrollment to make debugging issues with the enrollment process easier.

  • Upgrade TLS compatibility settings to match Mozilla.

  • Add comments in generated flagfile to add clarity to different features being configured.

  • Fix a bug in Fleet UI that allowed user to edit a scheduled query after it had been deleted from a pack.


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Binary Checksum


cd72f9089b3c28122483de6edcd958d57748ee1592037ceb296ffea9ef9fd64e  fleetctl-macos.tar.gz
ba29a3555336e728e268efbe30b08f5be9046ef2e7f38d47469299ab3728f7f9  fleetctl-windows.tar.gz
7535bf71359e02703720acb7a3e9d2fb2bbb74690408e2348bf631ebeafed774  fleetctl-linux.tar.gz

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