github fleetdm/fleet 3.6.0

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16 months ago


  • Add the option to set up an S3 bucket as the storage backend for file carving.

  • Build Docker container with Fleet running as non-root user.

  • Add support to read in the MySQL password and JWT key from a file.

  • Improve the fleetctl preview experience by automatically completing the setup process and configuring fleetctl for users.

  • Restructure the documentation into three top-level sections titled "Using Fleet," "Deployment," and "Contribution."

  • Fix a bug that allowed hosts to enroll with an empty enroll secret in new installations before setup was completed.

  • Fix a bug that made the query editor render strangely in Safari.


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Binary Checksum


4ab4f7d976099c7e1c30d17972caf87e9a8281503b45f413388972713e15692d  fleetctl-linux.tar.gz
d50a9a99b9d5b77132fe11597f1783a4ecaf3f2200f058740d5c963583d92ebb  fleetctl-macos.tar.gz
e904ac8190e76628bf03893fcd4e678e571dccb771d8863abbb95356f0d1d073  fleetctl-windows.tar.gz

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