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18 months ago


  • Add NPM installer for fleetctl. Install via npm install -g osquery-fleetctl.

  • Add fleetctl preview command to start a local test instance of the Fleet server with Docker.

  • Add fleetctl debug commands and API endpoints for debugging server performance.

  • Add additional_info_filters parameter to get hosts API endpoint for filtering returned additional_info.

  • Updated package import paths from to

  • Add first of the Fleet REST API documentation.

  • Add documentation on monitoring with Prometheus.

  • Add documentation to FAQ for debugging database connection errors.

  • Fix fleetctl Windows compatibility issues.

  • Fix a bug preventing usernames from containing the @ symbol.

  • Fix a bug in 3.3.0 in which there was an unexpected database migration warning.


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Binary Checksum


c2d16c0654f3f0210969b2c478e841895b5cb885c64bdff60466de0d9920d556  fleetctl-macos.tar.gz
1ae03a5ce8923bea53d82459dc5202fec934665aba148f17168d893c54de375a  fleetctl-windows.tar.gz
5464d39f5dba4e759f1d15c881de99387bc34053546010ec5d645b88b1c1d88c  fleetctl-linux.tar.gz

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