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18 months ago

With this release, Fleet has moved to the new repository. Please follow changes and releases there.


  • Add file carving functionality.

  • Add fleetctl user create command.

  • Add osquery options editor to admin pages in UI.

  • Add fleetctl query --pretty option for pretty-printing query results.

  • Add ability to disable packs with fleetctl apply.

  • Improve "Add New Host" dialog to walk the user step-by-step through host enrollment.

  • Improve 500 error page by allowing display of the error.

  • Partial transition of branding away from "Kolide Fleet".

  • Fix an issue with case insensitive enroll secret and node key authentication.

  • Fix an issue with fleetctl query --quiet flag not actually suppressing output.


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Documentation for this release can be found at

Binary Checksums


5c51afc740db3f0dd924235e0edbd1f7589be51bd5109b8184764eff6cbb2325  fleetctl-macos.tar.gz
2c142633139776c307a2273fe7e9df00d2d485e4d3684a71d960f2d167f85d5f  fleetctl-windows.tar.gz
9b5a8bec64cfedc5a0d36d7b9cc02887516fc350558e163162cf73a85b9a5015  fleetctl-linux.tar.gz

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